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the day i rejoined chaos

The End of Armies?

Recently armies have been in a slump, your CPAC Top Ten looks something like this:

Other then the fact that there’s four new armies on that, it looks decent – Am I right?


Apparently an army maxing 15 is enough to get #7.


With 10 is enough to get #8.

And 16 to get #9 and #10.

Do I really have to argue this?

#1 SMAP Army & #1 Leader Trio

I am honored to have lead, and to be legend, of the #1 SMAP Summer Top Ten Army. It’s a narrow victory, but Chaos won in the end.

Of course, Sapper has decided to revoke my Chaos Legends status due to my domain removal.

Of course that hasn’t stopped me from celebrating my title.


Chaos Leader & Legend

Thank you

My retirement post is among the top stories on CPAC.

One big ass thanks.

The Final March


If you’re reading this, you’re either a stalker or a friend. If you’re the former, please leave, the latter – continue reading.

Throughout my long career, I was never considered for a legends induction, and I spent most of my career working for it. However, at this point in my life, it is much too late for something like this to happen.

But in all reality, legend means nothing today. It’s a title, a popularity vote. I myself have voted for some people, whom have done little, just because I liked them as a person.

However, I have also voted for people whom I truly believe should be a legend, and I do not regret it.

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The League

Protected: who da hoe? idaho!

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wyo warriors beat chaos in a practice battle


SIZES 15/10


’nuff said

Protected: The Chill isn’t cool mang

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Wyoskyguy Tribute Page

Howdy all

I’m Wyoskyguy. I go by many names, but Wyoskyguy / MrWyoskyguy is my most used.

You may know be by the following:

  • Wyoskyguy
  • MarineWolf
  • MrWyoskyguy
  • SkyDesigns
  • Lunar Linux/Linux
  • Marcus
  • Sky
  • Bedhed
  • Blue Boy 98

But that is not what this is important here. 

Through my time in armies, I’ve done more than others – less than some. While I have yet to retire completely from armies, this is more for myself. A form of record, showing what I’ve been through.

Established as a leader in 2008, and still running 7 years later.

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