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Wyoskyguy Tribute Page

Howdy all

I’m Wyoskyguy. I go by many names, but Wyoskyguy / MrWyoskyguy is my most used.

You may know be by the following:

  • Wyoskyguy
  • MarineWolf
  • MrWyoskyguy
  • SkyDesigns
  • Lunar Linux/Linux
  • Marcus
  • Sky
  • Bedhed
  • Blue Boy 98

But that is not what this is important here. 

Through my time in armies, I’ve done more than others – less than some. While I have yet to retire completely from armies, this is more for myself. A form of record, showing what I’ve been through.

Established as a leader in 2008, and still running 7 years later.


My story starts like many others, I created a Club Penguin account (at the time, Jedi Boy515). I was only a 3rd grader, so I simply played on Club Penguin like many others. Before long, I got bored of it and moved on. About 101 days later (I know because Jedi Boy515 is 101 days older than Wyoskyguy :P) I created my main penguin that would serve me through 2008 to late 2013.

All four of my penguins

In 2008, I was a promiment member of the Ninja Army of Mammoth. I am proud to say that I am one of the few lasting members of the NAM. I met Goldensonic7, whom was a promiment leader of the Ninja Army of Mammoth on Club Penguin at some point, and we started talking. She introduced me to armies, and to the Xat Chat Rooms. At this point, I was still “not allowed” on chat rooms. Did that stop me? Hell no. I convinced my friend, Gostt, to join armies as well. Over time, we recruited more people from Club Penguin to the Xat Chat Rooms – Where Gostt and I had merged our Ninja Republic of CP and the Shadow Troops of Mammoth – Forming the Ninja Troops. I consider this to be one of my first armies, although I had been a rouge in numerous armies in the past.

From there, we changed names multiple times – and while I cannot find evidence for all of these changes – I do remember a few, the Recon Spartans, the Elite Fighters, Ninja Troops 2G, and eventually the Elite Marines.

The Elite Marines were my first taste of glory – reaching #7 on the S/M Army Central Top Ten. (I cannot find evidence of this due to both SMAC’s and CPEM’s Deface.)

I decided that I liked the feeling, and worked harder to get my armies to the top ten.

This was early 2010, and before long, my friends had moved to a new army.

The Club Penguin Rangers.

This was my noob-glory age. I joined the Club Penguin Rangers for an owner rank (Which, I can’t be sure of – We’ve experienced too many posts and rank changes since then). I was in the Rangers off and on from late 2010 to early 2011 – before I joined the Rangers for Co-Commander in Chief with my friend Gostt.

May 23rd, 2011

This was the day Gostt and I got Rangers Commander in Chief. And we worked our butts off.

KTMAN, the Club Penguin Rangers retired leader and legend, told us that we should merge into the Club Penguin Green Team, which was a top medium/lower major army at the time.

We essentially told KTMAN to fuck off, because no way in hell would that be happening.

Gostt and I lead Rangers to maxing 20 within two months, and we were SMAC #1 for two consecutive weeks.

And then we crashed. I left for some gay Call of Duty game, probably Black Ops or MW3, and the Rangers fell.

I returned that Christmas to see that my army was mostly gone, give or take the few loyal owners that lead a dead army. I returned the January of 2012, where I lead Rangers to 6+, before me leaving again. I retired until late June, where I was asked by Brave to recreate the Pretzels.

I said yes.

I became the 13th Pretzels leader, and I am now known as the leader incognito (There is no evidence of my leadership, anywhere. Brave denies it. :P). I lead the Pretzels to the S/M Army Top Ten #1, where I retired the week before they made major, and then crashed. I retired until the Christmas of 2012, where I was asked by Pungy to become the Global Defenders Vice-President.

Now this is a funny story.

Pungy was the President of the Global Defenders, at the time. HBK, the Vice President, was inactive, and the soldiers wanted a new Vice President to be elected.

Pungy wasn’t going to pick anybody, since it wasn’t time for elections. So, he decided to have the soldiers elect a Vice President.

There was really only one person who was going to be winning that election, and that was DPD/Brady. Pungy and I agreed that DPD was too power hungry to be the Vice President, so I agreed to run for Vice President.

It pissed DPD off so much that he left for another army.


An event I lead, maxing 15

I then left the Global Defenders for a month or so, before I returned to armies.

That summer was a summer of army hopping.

I joined the Watex Warriors for 2ic, although, yet again, I am denied ever being in the Watex Warriors. (Jessie says it’s because I’m not “The Linux”). Naturally, there is no evidence of me being at any events either.

 photo 12jk_zpse96f9fd7.png

Proof that I was WW 2ic

So I left for the Water Vikings, at this time they were a CPAC Top Ten army, at what place – I have no clue. I joined for 4ic, and within 20 minutes I was the Water Vikings 3ic.

 photo Pm2A2tr_zps1a12f245.png

A Picture Showing both that I was “Lun”ar Linux, and WV 3ic

I then recreated the Rangers, although it went nowhere.

Then came the glory army – The Team Blue Army.

Originally lead by myself and Sonic, however he was far too inactive and was demoted.

Pequa was the next leader, where before long I had recruited Brain and made him the third leader of the Team Blue Army. Aaron soon joined for leader.

Whats Up 11 was also a Team Blue leader, however, he defaced the Team Blue Army, and left for the Lightning Strikers.

That was the day before the CPAC Major Top Ten. We had maxed 20 the day before, and Blue1 was gracious.

We were placed at #10, and we died the next day.

Team Blue at #10

I moved around a few times, but most I cannot remember.


In early 2014 I focused more on life, however, it didn’t take long for me to return to armies. Recreating the Team Blue twice, before finally putting it to rest.

I joined the Army of Club Penguin, where I received a high mod rank. It’s funny to think that if I stayed in ACP, I could be ACP 2ic. Maybe their US division would be maxing more than 15 too.

I left the Army of Club Penguin for the Chaos Army, which previously I had been ranked as Private – I was a new leader. I lead with Sapper and Son Nav, although I felt like I was doing 90% of the work. I convinced many promiment Chaos legends and former leaders to return, including Owl and Gator. Before long, Chaos has started on a new glory age.

However, that age was short-lived. I left to join the Golds Army for 2ic. (Yup, I was one of those guys.) Left within two weeks, to recreate the Team Blue Army the second time. That generation, sadly, never took off. I rejoined the Golds, this time for leader, where I didn’t really do anything. It was boring, to be honest.

I left, where I rejoined the Chaos Army and got to work. Within a week, we were SMAC/SMAP #1. We were SMAC/SMAP Top 3 for four consecutive weeks,  just out of reach from the CPAC Top Ten.

Then we hit CPAC #6.

I retired after this, tried my hand at making an army from scratch.

That failed.

Then I hopped for awhile, was associated with remaking Fire Warriors, left for Water Vikings, and became the USA Leader alongside Dash.

That failed, I hopped around for a bit, and then tried remaking an army of mine – The Dragons of Club Penguin, under a pseudo name.

That also failed, I lead Dark Bandits for about a day before having a disagreement with a leader and left DB.

I joined Light Troops as 2ic, and was part of Light Troops until the end of the year. I planned on remaking Heroes with two old friends, but I retired at the beginning of the new year.


I lasted 3 weeks in retirement, before returning to Chaos as leader.

My first event returning to Chaos, a UK unscheduled training session.

We got CPAC #8

Chaos-RF War 2.0

And that is my history, through the last week or so.

Only 1467 words long.

I’ll update this when I feel like I have done more.



Blue Boy 98

4 Responses

  1. 10/10 would read later on in life. (Wut)

  2. LOL wyo…. i never had thinked before about your history,i think now reading this i can call you BADASS

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